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Be Careful of these Cancer Signs & Syptoms!

Mar 16, 2018 3:00:09 PM

We all fear cancer. And there is a good reason for that – in some cases, only early diagnosis may give us hope that a fight with a tumor will be successful. However, we are often confused for detecting the early signs of cancer. After all, there are many types of cancer out there, with different ways of development and cancer symptoms. Should we just give up then and wait for our fate? Not at all. While some early signs of cancer may be hard to spot, others are quite visible, and once we learn them, we may have a higher chance of an early diagnosis.

In this article, we focus on some common cancer signs and symptoms in order to let you know when you should see a doctor. Hopefully, this small article will have some impact on you, our readers, and you will be more aware of cancer warning signs.

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Why Looking for Common Cancer Signs Is Important?

In many types of cancer, only early diagnosis promises a possibility of defeating the spreading tumor. Cancer may be treated more successfully when it is diagnosed at an early stage before it becomes too large and doesn't spread. If it begins to spread, effective treatment becomes more difficult, and the chances of surviving generally get lower.

Remember, cancer growth may proceed very quickly; therefore, as soon as you spot these 7 warning signs of cancer, you shall see a doctor!

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7 Warning Signs of Cancer

Excessive Weight Loss

Before starting, it is needed to define these two concepts. A sign is a signal which can be realized by someone else, a symptom, however, is a signal that’s felt or seen by the person who has it, but may not be easily seen by anyone else such as pain.

Weight loss might be a sign of cancerous tumor especially if you did not wish it to happen. Unwanted and excessive weight loss belong to common signs of pancreatic cancer. It also takes place among lung cancer and stomach cancer symptoms.


The pain of various kinds may be a cancer symptom although thankfully more often than not it is a sign of the less dangerous medical condition. Pain may be defined as an early symptom with some cancers like bone cancers or testicular cancer. Back pain also can be a symptom of cancer of the colon, rectum, or ovary. Mostly the pain related to cancer means it has already spread from where it started.

Uncommon Bleeding

Among common symptoms of cancer is bleeding, especially out of mouth, anus, or urinal track. Bleeding from the mouth is one of lung cancer symptoms. In the same time, blood in stool belongs to colon cancer symptoms. Blood in the stool needs to be checked out by colonoscopy or other tests to find the problem. Finally, among cervical cancer signs and symptoms is excessive vaginal bleeding.

Changes in Skin Color

If you are in risk group either by your behavior (such as sunbathing) or because skin cancer runs in your family, pay attention to symptoms of cancer such as unusual spots and changes in color. A change in the color of a mole or other spot, or development of new spots, may be signs of skin cancer. You should see your doctor for a thorough exam and perhaps a biopsy if you experience any remarkable changes on your skin.

Early diagnosis is the key. Additionally, changes on the skin on your breasts belong to common cancer signs in women – they may be breast cancer symptoms.

Changes Under the Skin

When it comes to cancer signs in women, self-checking of breasts is a common way of preventing breast cancer. Most breast lumps aren't diagnosed as cancer, but your doctor should check them. If you experience any of these changes, you need to see your doctor:

• Breast skin dimpling
• Nipples that turn inward
• Fluid leaking from the nipple
• Redness of your nipple or breast skin

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Problems with the Digestive System

To most common colon cancer symptoms belong to problems with defecation, irregular bowel movements, and feeling constantly full. Additionally, common cancer signs and symptoms belong to prolonged diarrhea or periods of diarrhea and constipation. These early signs of cancer shall make you think about seeing a doctor in search of an early diagnosis.

Problems with Urination

As for cancer signs in men, problems with urination belong to very common ones. Frequent urination, feeling that your bladder was not totally emptied, need to visit the bathroom in the night, lack of bladder control – these may be first signs of cancer of bladder or prostate cancer. Urinary problems can also be arisen by other medical conditions, such as an infection or an enlarged prostate. Diet and lifestyle factors can also lead to urinary problems. For example, being overweight can make those problems worse.

While changes in prostate leading to such cancer symptoms may, in fact, be non-cancerous, it is better to see a doctor and find out that you are healthy rather than preventing an early diagnosis.

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