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Success Rates of Scoliosis Surgery

Jun 25, 2019 3:01:24 PM

A person's spine is supposed to be running in a straight line, but when it happens to be curvy resembling an 'S' or 'C' shape, then that person has a medical condition known as scoliosis. Small or large, when a backbone has a curve that measures 10 degrees, then it is regarded as scoliosis.

One way of seeing if a person has scoliosis is looking at how they stand or walk. Leaning a little while standing, uneven shoulders and trunk muscles are typical signs. Such people end up experiencing difficulties in breathing, moving, chronic pain, and deficiencies in respiratory.

People suffering from this condition tend to isolate themselves, and this leads to depression, which can ultimately cause a long-term negative mental effect on patients. Different hospitals in Turkey have established support groups where patients participate in activities such as yoga and are given subliminal therapies.

Although it usually appears in childhood or just before puberty, the Medical News Today reports that most of the time, doctors don’t know the Scoliosis causes. So, they end up referring to scoliosis with unknown reasons as "idiopathic.”

Suppose the causes are known, they can either be classified as structural or non-structural. Structural scoliosis can be caused by congenital disabilities, tumors, infections, whereas the non-structural can be due to appendicitis, muscle spasms, or legs being uneven.

Can scoliosis be treated?

In one of the articles, we published on this blog, Prof. Dr. Ahmet Alanay, one of the much-acclaimed physicians from Acıbadem Hospital, revealed the three different ways that can be used to treat scoliosis of different degrees.

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So, here, we will give a brief highlight of how the whole treatment process.

The first step is to accurately examine the severity of scoliosis using an MRI scan or CT scan. Doctors can also take a series of X-rays scans to make a comparison at different intervals. This helps to see if the curve is getting worse or not.

Knowing its severity help doctors determine the best way of treating it.

If scoliosis appears to be mild, the patient is offered scoliosis braces —and these are straps of material that can obstruct the curve from developing. Suppose the scoliosis is severe, then doctors will have to recommend surgery.

Put, the treatment of scoliosis is based on how severe it is, the chances of the curve increasing and also the age. In many cases, scoliosis in adolescents is treated soon after the lung has completely developed.

As Prof. Dr. Ahmet Alanay confirms, Scoliosis treatment is still under constant research by different organizations, and there is a high possibility of it getting better than it is now.

What are the success rates of this surgery?

Naturally, this is the first question asked by a person considering to have scoliosis. Reports differ when it comes to the success rate of scoliosis. A quick search on the internet will show you some different reports, good and bad.

There are cases whereby the scoliosis surgery got too complicated and ended up affecting the patient’s ability to walk. Although such cases are very few, they have to be mentioned. Most of the time, scoliosis surgery usually improves the situation of the patients. Allowing them to do their normal activities without any problems.

On average, studies have indicated that the scoliosis surgery has a 70% success rate, especially when done to children who are 15 years and below. In such surgeries, chances of complications (5%) are very slim.

How are the success rates in Turkey compared to other countries?

Compared to other European countries, Turkey has a high success rate of scoliosis treatment and this is one of the reasons why many foreign patients visit the country.

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What is Acıbadem Hospital’s scoliosis success rate?

Besides having experienced Scoliosis specialists who use advanced technological devices in a state-of-the-art facility. Why Acibadem Hospital having a higher success rate in the treatment of scoliosis is because of its dedication to success that led them to the establishment of the Acibadem Spine Health Centre.

In treating scoliosis through its Spine Health Centre, Acıbadem Hospital offers a thoracoscopic non-fusion surgical operation - a treatment they started giving even before the US hospitals. This explains why the hospital has a 95% success rate.

Lest I forget, Acibadem Hospital successfully treated a complicated case of scoliosis in a 14-year-old girl from Northern Ireland. The young girl who is a professional dancer had a curvature that was close to reaching 100 degrees. Her lung and weak bones were under intense pressure.

Everything is usually taken care of, as they are advised to only focus on getting better.

This content is created and published by Flymedi Medical Editors on June 25, 2019.

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