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Latest Medical Travel Developments

4 min read

Worth the Trip? A Look at Dental Tourism in Istanbul

By Flymedi Staff on Nov 6, 2020 2:08:41 PM

Istanbul is a city known for many amazing things – because of its rich history. 

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4 min read

Dental Treatment In Turkey: All Questions Answered

By Flymedi Staff on Oct 14, 2020 12:00:00 PM

So you are thinking of having dental treatment in Turkey? 

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3 min read

Choosing Dentist for Dental Implants

By Flymedi Staff on Jun 22, 2018 5:06:19 PM

We always want our teeth to be healthy and strong. Although we prefer to have our own teeth for as long as possible, it is one of our unavoidable need to have artificial ones. The dental implant is the best option to replace our missing tooth/teeth with its/their artificial version(s). Because of its material, titanium, and the way it is applying, by using screws, it is becoming more and more preferred in time. And also, there is a surprising history beyond it: Titanium dental implant has been used for the teeth renovation surgeries since 1965.

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