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Liver Transplant – The Importance Of The Institution

By Flymedi Staff on Apr 1, 2019 11:02:34 AM

The liver is a vital organ that none of us one can live without it. The liver has many critical functions including metabolism of drugs and toxins, removing degradation products and synthesis of many important proteins and enzymes.

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Liver Transplant Important Facts: Waiting Lists, Surgery, Side Effects

By Flymedi Staff on Sep 25, 2017 10:04:04 PM

Liver Transplant – Why Is It Done?

The liver which is located below the diaphragm on the right side of the abdomen, is the largest internal organ of our bodies, with the weight of about 3 pounds in adults.

Liver transplant or hepatic transplantation is a surgical operation that replaces the diseased liver with a healthy liver from a liver donor. Liver transplantation is needed in case of a liver failure occurring because of metabolic disorders, alcohol abuse (alcoholic liver disease) or chronic liver diseases such as liver cancer, cirrhosis, biliary atresia, hepatitis B, hepatitis C. 

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How Much Does Liver Transplant Cost?

By Flymedi Staff on Jun 5, 2017 11:31:19 AM

Liver transplant cost, including pre-operation evaluation tests, surgery, hospitalisation and follow-up care may vary depending on the location and the hospital where the operation is performed. There are various clinics for having liver transplant surgery abroad. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular destinations for liver transplant surgery!

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How Much Does a Liver Transplant Cost?

By Flymedi Staff on Jul 15, 2015 7:17:37 PM

Liver transplant also called hepatic transplantation is a lifesaving procedure for patients who have chronic end-stage liver disease or acute liver failure. While the increasing numbers of liver transplant surgeries and long-term survivors are promising, it is very important to choose a right clinic which pays significant attention to complications that develop in the long term, such as chronic renal failure, hypertension, diabetes mellitus, obesity, and bone or neurological conditions.

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