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How Much Does Liver Transplant Cost?

By Flymedi Staff on Jun 5, 2017 11:31:19 AM

Liver transplant cost, including pre-operation evaluation tests, surgery, hospitalisation and follow-up care may vary depending on the location and the hospital where the operation is performed. There are various clinics for having liver transplant surgery abroad. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular destinations for liver transplant surgery!

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How Much Does a Liver Transplant Cost?

By Flymedi Staff on Jul 15, 2015 7:17:37 PM

Liver transplant also called hepatic transplantation is a lifesaving procedure for patients who have chronic end-stage liver disease or acute liver failure. While the increasing numbers of liver transplant surgeries and long-term survivors are promising, it is very important to choose a right clinic which pays significant attention to complications that develop in the long term, such as chronic renal failure, hypertension, diabetes mellitus, obesity, and bone or neurological conditions.

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