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Ultimate Guide For International Patients

8 min read

Radiation Oncology Technology: What’s the latest?

By Flymedi Staff on Aug 12, 2020 4:40:07 PM

According to the World Cancer Research Fund, countries from Europe, North America, and Oceania have the highest death rates.

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Radiation Oncology: Things You Never Heard Of

By Flymedi Staff on Aug 23, 2019 4:46:55 PM

Have you ever wondered how much knowledge you have about medical specialties? Not being a doctor is not a strong enough reason to keep your head in the sand when it comes to knowing some of the trending topics in the medical field. Some of the things you just have to know.

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5 min read

Prostate Cancer Treatment Guide: Causes & Prevention

By Flymedi Staff on Mar 6, 2018 11:31:13 AM

Prostate cancer affects the prostate gland which produces some of the fluid in semen and has an important role in urine control in men. The prostate gland is located just below the bladder and in front of the rectum. Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men in the United States, but it is also treatable if diagnosed in the early stages.

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4 min read

How to Prevent Prostate Cancer?

By Flymedi Staff on Oct 30, 2017 6:13:59 PM

Prostate cancer is a serious disease which affects thousands of men every year. About 60% of the prostate cancer cases are seen in men who are older than age 65. The American Cancer Society (ACS) estimates that in 2019 the number of American men who will be diagnosed prostate cancer is 174,650. 

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Prostate Cancer Treatment Cost Around The World

By Flymedi Staff on Aug 24, 2017 6:34:43 PM

Prostate Cancer – What Is It?

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer among men, except for skin cancer. There are an estimated 174,650 men only in the United States will be diagnosed in 2019 with prostate cancer. Nearly 60% of cases are diagnosed in men over 65 years old. The average age of prostate cancer diagnosis is 66, and the disease uncommonly occurs before age 40. The 5-year survival rate for most patients with local or regional prostate cancer is nearly 100%.

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