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What Can You Do With £ 1500 in İstanbul?

Jul 19, 2019 11:56:47 AM

Istanbul, the city that embraces many fallen empires and the beautiful Bosphorus. The city that oozes with deep-rooted culture and amazing food. Combine all of these elements you will begin to understand how wonderful this city is, here are some reasons why you should book your flight now.


Have a flight ticket to İstanbul

Of course with a budget of £ 1500you might be able to spoil yourself with first-class travel cabin, but pace yourself so you can thoroughly indulge yourself in as many experiences you like from this trip. As long you get to your desired destinations without burning through your budget, that's what matters.


Have private transportation from the airport to your hotel

Regardless of how long was your flight, nobody likes to spend a minute longer than they should in airports. One way to save yourself the hassle is by arranging your transportation ahead. Check with your hotel; they might offer some valuable assistance.

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Pay the hotel

This goes without saying, but more importantly, the location of your hotel is what matters. The better access you have to public transport you will be able to save time and money.


See the amazing city of İstanbul

No doubt, Istanbul has a lot to offer. Exploring and getting down to the nitty-gritty of every place will consume significant time, therefore it is always better to have a mind map of places you are excited to see. Which is why this following list a by almost unanimously is considered the worthy pit stops.


A quick tip: Whenever you get the opportunity ride the ferry to a particular destination do it, especially during the sunset moments with the sound of the seagulls and waves this moment will speak to your soul in all levels.

Hagia Sophia: This structure of architectural marvelousness that combines Byzantine ancient church style and traditional Islamic mosque style. It is considered one of the world greatest architectural scenes. With years of restoration work Hagia Sophia (Aya Sofya) still leaves its visitors with awe.

Topkapi Palace: Topkapi Palace is a remaining fragment from the ottoman dynasty. Hearing about it or reading about would not equate witnessing this magnificent structure.

Grand Bazaar: From antiques to textiles anything you might think off, can be found in this 500 years old grand bazaar. Its vicinity contains 60 streets and more than 5000 shops, 60 restaurants, 12 mosques, and a school, now let that sink in for a moment. For first-timers it may come across as a maze, so be patient and try to keep mental notes of shops you passed by to trace back which entrance you used.

The Blue Mosque: Also known as Sultan Ahmet Cami (Mosque), right across of Hagia Sophia, sets the blue mosque with all its glorious structure. It is a remnant of the once majestic Ottoman Empire. You will need to visit the mosque to see why it is called the blue mosque.


Have a good time and delicious food

Istanbul is saturated with the rich culture you will see the fusion of historical civilization and modernization, and that comes across in several aspects such as architectural, language, and even food

Turkish Breakfast: If you are not a morning person and you tend to skip this important meal, we implore you to try an authentic Turkish breakfast to richen your trip experience. The average Turkish breakfast table has some constant elements such as Tea, sliced tomatoes, cucumbers, white cheese, and eggs. But you can elevate this breakfast table with other complementing dishes such as an omelet with Turkish sausage.



Iskender Kebap: If you ever had Shawarma that would be the closest resemblance to this dish, the Turkish twist comes in as the sliced meat its served on a plate on top of fresh pita bread, then dressed with melted butter and tomato sauce. Yogurt is added to the side to break down the acidity of the tomato sauce and provide a refreshing taste.



Have a hair transplant or any other health check

There is one industry that is blooming in this country if you guessed the cosmetic industry you are right. With experienced surgeons, avant-garde equipment, and low prices, Turkey is building a reputable name in this field and attracting thousands of visitors from Europe and the Middle East all around the year and offering more than 350 clinics in Istanbul alone.

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See the Super Cup final

Save the best for last, if everything else was just an appetizer, the Super Cup Final is the main course. Cheering for your favorite team along with thousand others fans. If you are a Liverpool FC fan Hearing "You will never walk alone" anthem you might feel the chills at the back of your neck.


At the end there is always something new to discover in Istanbul, making this city undoubtedly interesting.

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This content is created and edited by Flymedi Medical Editors in July 2019. 

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